About Us

Our Vision
Coastal Georgia children feel nurtured and safe and fully achieve a productive life.

Our Mission
To promote child well-being by giving families the tools they need to create safe, stable and nurturing homes.

Our Values

  • We have respect for individual differences and strive to be culturally competent.
  • We work in partnership with our local communities so that our families have access to all available services.
  • We support our employees so that they feel respected and have the tools necessary to do their work.

Our Board of Directors

  • Brian D. Corry
  • Jerry Hester
  • Ken Jacobsen
  • Michael Kaufman, Vice-President
  • Monica Linert, Secretary
  • Patrick Jones
  • Dionne Lovett, Treasurer
  • Marjorie Mathieu, President
  • Hélené Rothermund
  • Chris Templeton
  • Ally Urquhart
  • Charles B. Woodroof

Cathy Spraetz, Executive Director
503 Third Avenue
Brunswick, GA 31520
912 388-0376 office
404-273-8088 cell